It's Weird...

I had this mole on my right arm for as long as I can remember. It's always been there and it's been right in the middle of my forearm. It really hasn't been a bother, it's been noticed by kids every time I come in to contact with them. They would always ask, "What's that?" I would say, "It's a mole." Then they would reply back with, "Why do you have that?" Then I would tell them, "God made me that way." :P
From my iPhone

From my iPhone
Sometimes it was called a mole, or my boo boo. Again, it never bothered me that the kids I would see every day enjoyed talking about it, staring at it, and yes, poking it. Unless they pushed real hard or pulled on it. Then it would hurt and bother me.
My husband was never grossed out by it, but thought why not get it removed. So a few weeks ago I decided I would go to the doctors and get it removed.
He gave me a numbing shot under the mole, then took a little razor and sliced it clear off. It has healed so good. I've been putting Tea tree oil, other wise known as Melaleuca oil, on it and covering it up with a band aid to protect germs and yucky things from getting into it and causing it to get infected. It's almost completely healed and I can't wait to feel it nice and smooth there.
It was funny because my niece Aliyah was one of those who would always comment on it. So when I told them I got it removed they were like, "what? Why?" Well, the next day we went out to dinner with her and her mom and dad. Aliyah turned to Jeremy, my husband, and said, "Crystal went to the doctor, and he cut her mole off." I was not embarrased one bit, but I'm like, "Yeah, these people who we don't know want to hear about a girl who got her mole removed while their eating." So I was saying, "Shhhhh.... Aliyah." Then she started whispering it to him. I love kids!

Just wanted to share my adventure with my mole.



Fresh Mommy said...

Kids are so funny!!! Especially ones named Aliyah ;) LOL Too cute!


FROGGITY! said...

my mom has a mole on her arm (and she's a teacher) and kids have asked her about it for YEARS! she had thought about getting rid of it... but hasn't! she gets cracked up by the kids, though. so funny. glad yours is healing up well! :)