Old as in I am totally sharing old photos with you today. I scanned a few for Facebook because of their whole Retro Week going. So I couldn't resist sharing with my bloggy friends. Mainly because I was such a goofy kid. :P

I believe I was 2 here.

Probably 4 or 5 here. I look like my brother here, yeah, a boy! :P

You can so tell my grandpa used to cut my hair here, LOL, I love that man. Thank you Pops.

I have no clue how old I was here. I just remember doing my hair myself and being so proud of myself for it.

This obvisouly isn't me, its my husband when he was 5. Isn't he so adorable. I hope our son gets his looks. :P (Also, I know his age because it's written on the back of the photo.)

This was so fun. I might have to share an oldie once in a while. :P



Tiffany said...

Love looking back at old photos...your I Heart Faces "face" is breathtaking! Thanks for stopping by June Makes Six.

Anonymous said...

Cj, you are 14 months old that picture was taken 1 month before Stephan was born on Thanksgiving Day. Love you mom

Gerri said...

Yes, Jeremy is stinkin' adorable. You were so cute too. I don't think Grand Dads should cut little girls' hair. :)

Brittany said...

Too cute!
I think I had that black and white dress, too. :)

Thanks for sharing!