Frosty The Snow Man

The kids and I made a snowman last week at school. They gave him the most original name they could think of... FROSTY!


Then they started to sing the song...
"Frosty the snowman... was a mumble bumble mumble..." They didn't know the words. And I can't say I know all the words either, so I let them sing it their way.
Well, the next day when everyone arrived at school we checked on Frosty who just so happened to have fallen. When one of the 5 year olds saw he said, "2 of the snowman's balls melted." I was giggling inside.
But it's okay now, Frosty has visited the hospital and will be fine. I promise. Well, I guess until the sun comes out again and melts frosty away. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there. :P

Here's to Frosty! Our snowman!



bjbblog said...

that is awesome, i still want to get around this year and make one for Liana in the front yard before winter is over, i'm sure i have plenty time spring is right around the corner or anything,

Joy Taylor said...

I'm glad that Frosty's balls made it okay!!! The things kids say and don't realize!

Aleta said...

Hehe. Guess we know that Frosty is definitely a guy! Hehe.

I'm hoping to see snow next month. We might be going to Cali up in the mountains!

Karl said...

What compassion for a cold friend... funny, funny... thanks for sharing.

Gerri said...