30 Days Of Fall +Day 30

The completion of my 30 Days Of Fall... AWESOME! Celebrating the New Year tonight with my hubby and one of his buddies. We have been playing some The Office games (board games we found at the mall) and snacking on some delicious home made goodies. Earlier today I made some brownies, but not your normal brownie these are cake batter brownies so they taste nice and moist, and some soft gooey chocolate chip cookies. Oh Yeah!
This year Jeremy and I decided to celebrate the new year at home whether it be with a group of people or just one other person, or even ourselves. Jon, Jeremy's friend, just happened to not have anything else planned, so he came to hang out with us.
Last year we had a shindig at our place, but this year is quiet and I like that. Just chillaxing. We bought some sparkling grape juice to drink as the new year ball drops. We usually watch that on tv. Just 2 more hours to go.
I can't believe the year 2009 is coming to an end. Lets recap on events of this year shall we.

Crystal Rae Photography
My Nephew Jude was born

Number 32
I auditioned for a movie and was asked if I was comfortable with nudity right of the bat... chaaa right!

Crystal Rae Photography
Went on a Photo Adventure with 2 awesome photographer friends of mine, and captured a cow picking his nose with his tongue.

Senior: Amanda
Did my first senior picture photoshoot with Amanda.

Jon's Graduation
Our nephew Jon graduated

I got Jeremy these awesome pair of underwear :P

4th of July Parade
Learning Zone's first appearance in the local 4th Of July Parade

My 2nd time going to the driving range... we got rained out, it was pouring

Jeremy got his first handgun...

Had my second senior picture photo shoot

Bevard Zoo
Went to Florida to visit my favorite cousin, Carrie

22nd Birthday Cake
I celebrated my 22nd birthday... Can't believe I'm getting older!

We celebrate Aliyah's 3rd Birthday

Family Shoot
Family Shoot that was successful!

Hayride with family and friends

Halloween 2009
Jeremy is Alan from the Hangover for halloween

This little guys 1 year photo shoot

Pumpkin Carving 2009
Jeremy's first time EVER carving pumpkins, HE LOVED IT

This darn puzzle that took me forever.

1st Birthday

Tristan's first birthday

Our first Christmas tree

Jude, my nephew's, first time seeing Santa

There you have it, my year of 2009. Well, a summary of it.

Have a Happy New Year!

Be safe



FROGGITY! said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! hope it is full of wonderful things...

Brittany said...

You got some FAB shots! I am loving the senior in the purple blouse! So pretty!!!

And, as for the cow... Eww! But, I guess you make do with what God gave ya! :)

An answer to your question: Yes, I did a bridal boudoir session in a bubble tub. The whole set is divine!

Thanks for visiting my blog tonight, and leaving me such great comment-love!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love this year in review post. It is so perfect. I love your pictures. You are getting better and better! I think you are AMAZING Crystal. Absolutely, positively AMAZING! Happy New Year!