30 Days Of Fall +Day 21

Spending time with my other nephew Jude is one of the best things ever. He's so precious. He makes some really funny faces too. He makes this face we call the old man face, or koala face, because he looks like an old man and/or a koala when he makes it.
I love his face he makes when he's "driving" a motorcycle. It's hilarous, plus he makes a funny noise to go along with his funny face. :P

Here is Jude and I at Tristan's Birthday party. I wish the little stinker was smiling. :P And my mom took this picture, she did a pretty good job, wouldn't you say?

This is Jude's what are you doing face.

He really enjoys his paper. :)

Okay, I'm done braggin about my nephews for a couple of days. :P

Merry Christmas



Fresh Mommy said...

Gorgeous photo of you two!!!! Love the lighting in it :) Your mama did pretty great, and you look just as great holding that little guy... could be yours! ;)

Anonymous said...

Man I love these pictures of him! He's a keeper :)

Gerri said...

You two look adorable. :)