30 Days Of Fall +Day 19

I realize now that I already bought Christmas cards but I wanted to do a Christmas post card this year. So, I think what I might do is skip the post card (which would have pictures of Jeremy and I on it), and just put a picture of us in the card. What do you think? Or should I just wait until next year to use our pictures? I don't know!!!

•On another note tomorrow is my nephew's birthday party. We'll be going to that and then doing I don't know what. We haven't planned that far a head.

•I'm working on this video for the Daycare. It's for our Christmas recital. It's basically a kids say the darndest things type of video. I asked the kids questions about Christmas... like Where was Jesus born? What is Christmas about? What is a stocking for?. It's hilarious. I had one kid tell me a tradition is soap. :P I love it.

•I've been wearing my glasses more often and my eyes need to get used to it again. Which then means no more headaches.

•I'm still working on my puzzle. It's coming along, all that's left is the dark stuff and the background. You can tell it's Mickey Mouse but the outer background area still has to be finished, along with his ears, nose, and legs.

•Jeremy and I are going to watch Four Christmas now. We just bought it on blu-ray and I can't wait to see it again...

•How could I leave this post picture-less... Well, I just can't.
Winter 08
No this is not from this year, but from last year. I hope we don't get this much snow til later. :P
so on that note...

Merry Christmas


Karl said...

Great post... I love your video idea, maybe we can show it at church Sunday the 20th... I agree no more snow for awhile... Love you Crystal, dad B

Fresh Mommy said...

Sending photos is fun!! I love getting people photo cards or photo in a card, :) But waiting till next year is totally fine too. I can't believe there is snow at home!! I left just in time :) Although I'm sure I'll be coming home to some. I can't wait to see that video!!!! :D

Gerri said...

Lovely shot!