30 Days Of Fall +Day 12

Keeping up with my days of fall... I'd say I'm doing pretty good. :)
Jeremy and I spent some time last weekend Christmas shopping for the little ones in our families. I love shopping for little kids, I just want to make sure we get stuff they REALLY would love.

On another note Jeremy has started a second job tonight, so we'll see how it goes. I have to go pick him at at 9:30, I'm anxious to see how it went. So we'll see.

I've noticed something I do. If something happens I'll say "I'm going to blog about that" and then I totally forget to blog about it. So what I might start doing is writing stuff down in my nifty planner I got for the year 2010. Can you believe that it's almost the New Year. It's amazingly CRAZY! I do remember one thing I wanted to share, and when I retell it to people it doesn't sound as funny as the day it happened. I was laughing so hard I was trying not to pee my pants. Jeremy and I went to a Halloween party and as we were leaving he said Happy 4th instead of Happy Halloween back at the people who felt the need to YELL it at us. So as we're walking out I'm cracking up and trying to walk to the car and at the same time attempting to keep my balance.

So anyways, that was my funny story I wanted to share.
I leave you with this adorable picture of my nephew in the pumpkin patch. :P



Briony said...

haha that is hilarious. i pulled something similar to that with aliyah the other day...she was throwing a small fit and she came to apologize and instead of saying your forgiven, i said your welcome. hahahaha

she looked at me like i was nuts.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

lol you have a Viagra stalker :)

My babe is so cute.