30 Days Of Summer +Day 21

I need to get through these days of summer, and fast, because summer is long gone. So, I've been inspired to finish them by posting every hour or so... do you think I can do it. It may run into tomorrow. But it's better then the middle of fall. Because my hope is to finish days of summer to begin my days of fall. Without further ado... here goes...

During the summer I had the pleasure of having Noah in my class. He was such a blast to have in my class because Noah had a spirit about him, and sometimes you can only just smile at him. He's off to bigger and better things now... at a school focused on the planet and who Go Green.
I still get to see this chocolate delight ( I can say that because his parents are my friends) ;) because we go to church together. See you Sunday Noah.
Hey, check out his mom's blog, Peace & Love... tell her I sent ya!


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