30 Days Of Fall +Day 2

Has anyone ever heard of Swagbucks? If you haven't you need to go to THIS website and check it out. It's a search engine and the more you use it the more swagbucks you get and the more swagbucks you get the bigger items you can purchase. You can even accumilate swagbucks throughout the year and then buy some christmas gifts for people during the season. I heard some people have done that. Its really a cool idea.

This would be the amount you want to get from swagbucks but unless your a lucky dog you would only get between 1 or 5 swagbucks.
iHeartFaces :: Hat
Since the colder weather is upon us I've been back to wearing my favorite winter hat. This thing seriously keeps my head warm, sometimes it makes me feel too warm. LOVE IT!
What are you doing to stay warm this cold season?



Anonymous said...

I'm wearing my orange uggs...woot woot!

MissJody said...

Never heard of Swagbucks...will check it out :)

Umm....not that cold for me yet. But my scarf and uggs :)

Briony said...

i've still not mastered the swag bucks...i get 2 or 5 here and there when i remember to use it.

i love that hat...i want one...maybe this year i will go for it :)

antoinette marie said...

my microfleece housecoat, every single morning the second i get out of bed!...love the hat! blessings..