30 Days Of Fall +Day 1

Today I start my 30 Days Of Fall... and I start with the intention and goal of finishing them before Fall is over. Don't let me forget about my days of Fall!

This past week has been a not so good one. My body has been healing from a nasty head cold. It was yucky and I won't ever have it again. We were concerned at first that it might have been the flu, but a visit to the doctors concluded it wasn't. I'm still blowing my nose all the time, but I'd rather do that then miss a bunch of work. I'm so ready to go back to work.

I started thinking about that during the week, about being a stay at home mom and not working. I don't know if I could do that. I enjoy keeping myself busy and if I'm home 24/7 would I beable to keep myself busy? I don't know maybe. But I do know that I enjoy my work I am doing now and miss my class. I'll be heading back to work on Monday, I can't wait. :)

Last Saturday I received my certificate in the mail for my CDA which is a Child Development Associates certificate. I'm going to frame it and hang it in my classroom. I'm super duper excited. I've been working hard and long on getting that, and now that I finally have I'm relieved.

Today, because I was feeling better my wonderful husband took me to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Miyako's. It's a Japanese Steakhouse and it is GOOOOD. If your in the area and haven't tried this restaurant you should. It's in the Great Lakes Crossing Mall. We always have leftovers and always eat them. I'm not a big leftover eater but I'll eat these leftovers. After we ate Jeremy wanted to go to the Bass Pro Shop and we ended up going to their indoor shooting range. I wasn't ready to shoot his gun yet, I'm totally not confident with it. He wants me to wait so I can shoot a 22 before I shoot his 45. He made the mistake of having me shoot his shotgun and the kick back hurt so bad. Well, listen to me sounding like I know alot about guns, I'm just repeating what I've heard him say. :) I was going to take a picture of him shooting his gun, but I was being lazy. Sorry! I didn't have my camera with me so I would have used my phone and the quality would not have been that great anyway.

I'm hoping to get to a orchard soon, first to pick out a pumpkin, and to secondly get some cider and donuts. I love getting pumpkins because then I can carve them. One of my favorite things about Fall.

My brother and his wife are bringing my nephew over, who just so happens to be my Godson, and we are going to spend time with them for bit tonight. :)
I hope everyone's weekend is a good one.

Check out this old photo of Jeremy and I way before we were married.

My teeth look huge. Well I do have large teeth :)

P.S. Firefox totally crashed and when it restored my session none of what I had just typed was up there, but thank you Jesus for auto save, because I would not have remembered what I had put on here. :)



MissJody said...

**I'm so sorry to hear your feeling under the weather...sending you "get well wishes" your way**
I would love to be able not to work $$$. I would love to go part time. If you can do it, why not?
If that is what you want. Good for you :)
I told my husband about your post about the Bass Proshop bit and he wants to know which one?
We are Bass Proshop Fans :)

I hope you have a better week, sweetie :)

Fresh Mommy said...

So glad you're feeling better!! You looked much better yesterday. Mmmm, Miyakos! And it's so cool that your brother, his wife and your godson live here now so you guys can spend time with them!!! I can't wait to go to the orchard... let's do it soon!

Gerri said...

You guys look SO young!!!