30 Days Of Summer +Day 10

While in Florida I found this cute little outfit for Tristan. Isn't it adorable, it has a little visor, I just love it.
Tristan seemed to enjoy it as well. He actually left it on, well, after I told him to leave it alone, and he wasn't upset about it he was just like okay Aunt Crystal. :)


This is a little blurry but it is from my iPhone, so there you have it. This is what I go to if my camera isn't with me. :P




antoinette marie said...

sooo adorable...i especially love that he's stickin his tongue out! cute outfit too! blessings...

Fresh Mommy said...

What a cutie. I love finding fun little things and bringing them back with me. Sweet. :)

Gerri said...

Oh, so cute. I love his little tongue...:)