4th Of July

This year Learning Zone Preschool was in the Fenton Freedom Parade. It was awesome, we had a great turn out. A lot of parents and their children came out to walk the long long long parade. :)
If you look you can see Jeremy in the back, he's waving at the camera. :)

4th of July Parade
Some kids rode in wagons, some in strollers, others toughed it out on their bikes. Like this guy here, he went almost the whole way riding his bike. He had this flag on the back of his bike and I was able to snag this photo.
4th of July Parade
Aliyah got to hang out with U. Jeremy and I through the whole parade and she did so great. She was saying Happy 4th of JuJuJuJuly... there were several extra Ju's in there. :)
4th of July Parade
She was enjoying herself on top of U.Jeremy's shoulders. Although you might not be able to see that in her face, she was busy watching the kids scrounging for candy that was tossed from a fellow parade walker.

This was Learning Zone Preschool's first time in the Fenton 4th of July Parade and we have great plans to do it again next year.

Although it was a little hot outside I got great exercise and we had a great dinner waiting for us at Jeremy's brothers house. There was a special celebration there as well, Jonathan, Jeremy's nephew, proposed to his girlfriend, Alyssa. She of course said yes, and it was such a happy exciting time. Congrats to Jon & Alyssa!!!



Briony said...

what a fun day! i love the bike pic :)

antoinette marie said...

these pics really show the fun you all had....great work! and aliyah's scowl is what makes her so adorable! blessings...

Aleta said...

The kids like they really enjoyed the parade - how sweet! And that IS a cool shot with the flag - very nice!

FROGGITY! said...

love a parade and you did a great job of capturing it!

Anonymous said...

learning zone preschool rocks,

MissJody said...

What beautiful vibrant pics! The red just pops out!
I love the pic of your hubby waving in the backround! LOl!

Gerri said...

Looks like a great day. I love the photo with the flag. :)