30 Days Of Summer +Day 2

Jeremy just recently got a new toy, yeah a gun. He's so excited about it that he wanted to get some pictures taken with it. :)

This shot is scary huh? Don't worry, the gun was completely empty and the safety was on. We were being completely responsible with it. We had to do it in a secluded area because we didn't want to scare anyone, :)

Of course I had to get in on the action too.

It was definitely fun getting pictures with this gun, now I just have to work up the courage to try and shoot it next time he goes to the shooting range.




Aleta said...

The first picture was "cool" looking, that "dirty Harry" look.

The second picture, "HOLY CRAP!" Thanks for the warning, I wanted to duck!

The third picture with you ~ you're just too sweet looking to be holding a gun!

MissJody said...

I agree. You look so sweet holding that gun..Awwwww.....
The first pix was very cool looking. :)

antoinette marie said...

i was thinking just what aleta described, lol! i only shot one once and it was such a rush, i loved it! make sure to post when you actually shoot it and tell us if you liked it! blessings...

Karl said...

Oh Yeah! this is good stuff... 45 cal. tastes good in the morning... LOL. Great shots, Girl

Anonymous said...

You 2 are freakin nutz, LOL.

These are great shots, but I would love to see you go back and try that second one again, and close your aperture a bit so we can get you in the reflection of his shades with fear on your face, :).

It looks like the two of you had fun.

B Dad

Fresh Mommy said...

Loving it!! Definitely some fun pics!! I agree, you look sweet holding that gun... but I'd still be scared, sometimes the sweet ones are the scariest!! LOL

Shooting is fun, I just need to do it more so I can feel more comfortable myself.


Gerri said...

You guys look "bad butt". haha