30 Days Of Spring +Day 20

I made it to Day 20, now lets see if I can make it to 30. Maybe... :p At school (work) we have been playing kickball all week long. And my legs are feeling it, I need stretch them out, so its good we do stretching before we play. I guess I'll need to do more. :)


As you can see we have loads of fun! All the kids are learning the game really well, it's awesome. I'm so proud of all the kids, they are doing really well at having a good attitude, and encouraging each other while they play. Because you know how kids can be when they are playing games, sometimes they are not so happy when they get out, or if something goes wrong. Not these kids, they leave the game laughing and so glad they played.
Next week we'll do football, we'll see how that turns out. :)



MissJody said...

I feel like a broken record..
You take amazing pix
You take amazing pix
You take amazing pix
You take amazing pix
You take amazing pix....:)
Have a great time with football!

Briony said...

so fun...i remember playing kickball as a kid hahah it was something humorous thats for sure :)

antoinettemariew@blogspot.com said...

cute pics....cute kids i think? only see the backside, LOL! blessings...

Gerri said...

Great shots. I used to love to play kickball. Noah has had fun. He is trying to get me to add Mondays as well. lol

Fresh Mommy said...

Ohhh kickball!!!! I remember playing in school!! Love the coloring. :)


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

That shot of the little girl is priceless. Mine is 6..., and I can just see her standing there ready to kick ...

Brings tears.

Great shot! (They boy rocks too... will be my son in a few years!)

Karl said...

Wow, Crystal, you take great pics... the girl contemplating and Ethan ready to go... wonderful.