30 Days Of Spring +Day 17 & 18

Okay, I don't I'm going to be able to finish 30 days of Spring. I believe Summer starts on June 21, so I guess we'll see, but I don't think so. ;) But, I'll do it anyway.
Some of you may know that I LOVE desserts, and this chocolate mouse with whip cream was delicious. It's from BD'S Mongolian BBQ. If you have one near you and haven't had this dessert yet, oh my... you need to. I'm getting all excited just talking about it. :) It was so good I just dug right in, I got a bit on my nose... ;p

Along with desserts I have been enjoying walks with my husband of course. And today we went out for a great walk. Here are some pictures from that time.
Spring Walk
*if you click it you can see it bigger. :)
My favorite one out of these three is the biggest one, I like the facial expression in it :) Jeremy took these, didn't he do a fantastic job? I thought so too.
Spring Walk
Pretty flower huh?
Our walk was definitely satisfying... I already know we'll do it more. :)
*side note* While posting this I was listening to Miley Cyrus Break out...



Fresh Mommy said...

Hahah, that's too funny... I'm about to start 30 days of summer!! LOL I haven't done one since winter.

MissJody said...

Your hubby did a great job himself!

Anonymous said...

*if you click it you can see it bigger. :)

That's what she said!

Briony said...

hahah fun...i totally want to go to Mongolian now :)

antoinettemariew@blogspot.com said...

great variety of different facial expressions....nice work jeremy! blessings...

Aleta said...

I like the same one of you that you mentioned in your blog - very pretty! Liked the daisy close shot and soft blur of the one in the background. We all need walks like that!

Gerri said...

Yum, looks delicious. :)