Cows Make Milk

But you knew that right? Cows make milk, and we drink it. Except, I don't usually drink milk, I just have it with my cereal, or dip my chocolate chip cookies in it. I really want some chocolate chip cookies right now! :)
Crystal Rae Photography
Briony was making friends with these cows a couple months ago. Don't worry, she sanitized her hands after. :)
I think one of them got a little to close.

Jeremy and I have decided on a vacation spot. California! We are going to Anaheim, California for a week. I'm so excited, and I know Jeremy is too. We went with his family in 2007, before we were married, and we had so much fun. But, this time it will be different because we're married, so we can stay in the same room. ;)
California 2007
Here is a picture of that time!
If anyone has any suggestions for any activities for us while were out there let me know. We'll put it on our agenda.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Mine? Well, mine was alright, :)



Fresh Mommy said...

Hahaha, Bri's pics are hilarious!! And can I say Ewww.... LOL. Those cows were stinky.

You're gonna have a fun trip... the first time there married... wohoo!!!!


Briony said...

hahah my face is so wrong....haha

Briony said...
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FROGGITY! said...

those cows are so cute!!

AWWWW! disney!!! so fun. love that photo- y'all are too cute.