30 Days Of Spring +Day 11

This little guy is always standing at this fence watching the trucks. I've asked him if he is going to play and his reply is always, "No, I'm not playing." The reason there is always trucks over there is because it's a truck driving school inside the college that is next door to our building. And, this little guy LOVE'S I mean he really LOVE'S trucks.
Crystal Rae Photography
Kids are fascinating, take this for example, he will watch the trucks for a whole 1/2 hour sometimes 45 mins. Maybe, just maybe he'll find his way away from that fence, but as soon as he hears the trucks getting closer he'll scurry back to the fence to watch some more.
Black & White Beauty
And sometimes, he'll get a little buddy to join him on the fun. The fun of just standing and watching the trucks go by. :)
Dinner is almost ready... I'm starving!



amtc said...

great pictures!

Fresh Mommy said...

That is just too cute.