30 Days Of Spring +Day 7

Remember as a kid holding your basket frantically searching for small plastic eggs? I do... and while watching my niece and nephew search for eggs brought back memories for me. It was so fun watching Aliyah look and walk right past eggs. I think she was too excited to notice them.
Easter 09
But Ethan, he had no problem finding those eggs. He was focused and on a mission.
Easter 09
It was a fun day and even though I didn't participate in the egg hunt, I enjoyed spending time with family, and eating awesome food. :)
I hope everyone had an awesome Easter.



Fresh Mommy said...

Those turned out great!! Haha. I love how she just walked right past so many eggs!! LOL It was a blast.

Briony said...

hahaha i love her little tu-tu i can totally see ethan being a focused little man on a mission.