30 Days Of Spring +Day 5

Why is it snowing? I've finished my Days of Winter, so there should be no reason for this snow! But... wait... I do live in Michigan. I SHOULD expect this kind of weather, right?
I've been under the weather the last couple of days but I am feeling much better.
Sunday I was home losing weight... From being sick on Sunday and loss of appetite last 2 days I have lost over 10 pounds. This was not on purpose people, although, that extra weight I lost does help me get a head start on my workouts. :)
But now that I feel better I would love to share some more photos from our ADVENTURE! :)

Crystal Rae Photography
Crystal Rae Photography
Crystal Rae Photography
Playing in the dirt...
Crystal Rae Photography
And then putting it on the wall... FUN!



Briony said...

I am sorry you weren't feeling well, but I am glad you are better. What a perk to being sick, dropping 10lbs...that is some mad weight. I love that second pic...I didn't even see that when we were out and about! Good eye :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh those pictures are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey-this is Hula's other blog! "Yaya"

Fresh Mommy said...

Sorry you were sick... but 10 lbs, yay! Haha. I didn't even realize, is that why you were gone yesterday?

These photos are great!! I like the ones you took of Aliyah too :)

antoinettemariew@blogspot.com said...

too bad you were sick but surely ten pounds is a fair trade off, lol! aliyah looks so old all of a sudden, love the pics! blessings...