30 Days Of Winter +25

I'm almost DONE with 30 Days Of Winter... Day 25 was a pretty entertaining day! Last week Jeremy and I heard about auditions for a movie that is being filmed in the Flint, MI area. It's called Minor League, A Football Story. Jeremy tried out for, of course, a football player, and when I walked up to the writer and a couple guys who were helping cast the movie I was asked this, "Do you have a problem with nudity?" I had to say excuse me, just to make sure he said it... then I answered with, "Yes," surprised that they even asked that. So, I tried out for a cheerleader part, which I could do pretty well, I was a cheerleader in school. :)
Number 32
Jeremy and I got to the place at 9 this morning and we were the 32nd and 33rd person in line. Behind us there was over 100 people waiting in line. We left the place with still over 100 people in line, we were so happy we were done when we were. :)
We'll see if we get a call back!!



Stephanie said...

how fun!! good luck!

Briony said...

this is awesome! haha i'll be praying...it would be fun to see you all on the big screen :)

Tabitha Blue/Fresh Mommy said...

Hahaha, I love that story! Too funny. At least you had a fun experience together!!