30 Days Of Spring +Day 4

Remember that photo adventure I said I was going on with Briony, Tabitha & Chris ... we had so much fun! We left at 10 AM and I did not get home until 6 PM. That's how much fun we had. Here are a few pictures I got of our adventure!
Crystal Rae Photography
Believe it or not that is my reflection...
Crystal Rae Photography
Tab & Chris' feet on the RR tracks.
Crystal Rae Photography
This is one of my favorites of the day!
There are A LOT more... I just haven't gone through them all :)



Fresh Mommy said...

That was such a fun day!! Looking forward to more!



KDLOST said...

well that's so cute! i can't believe that's a reflection!

Briony said...

i had so much fun too! we have to plan our next trip :)

antoinettemariew@blogspot.com said...

really cool shots, very different in composition and coloring from each other...can't wait to see the rest! blessings...

Gerri said...

Very cool. I really like the blue knob too! :)

Gerri said...

Very cool. I really like the blue knob too! :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos! I just saw the middle one on Tabitha's blog today. Don't ya just love photo outings?

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. And i just use Picnik for editing for now cuz i can't decide on a program. What do you use?