30 Days Of Spring +Day 3

Take a guess on who that chick is... if you gets it's me your right! :)
The kids thought it would be FUN to grab Miss Crystal's legs and take her down. Okay... it was fun. And no one got hurt, :)
See I have no sock? They took it! But don't worry, I got it back.
Oh yeah, and I need a hair cut!

Also... I am going on a photography adventure with Briony, Tabitha, and Tab's husband Chris. I am so excited to see what we come up with. Don't worry, I'll share the photos later. :)



Briony said...

hahah this is awesome!

Fresh Mommy said...

Kids are so much fun!! Can't wait for our adventure tomorrow!!



Gerri said...

Have fun on your adventure. KIDS ROCK!!! What would we do without them?

Anonymous said...

Looks fun to me too!