Taking Pictures... And Learning New Things

I downloaded a book yesterday, yes... a BOOK. It's called Digital Photography Simplified... as I'm reading the beginning pages of this book I learn something new, how couldn't I, I'm not an expert, yet, on cameras and photography.
So... Today i learned this...

All digital SLRs and many small digital cameras
include the modes P for Program, A or Av for
Aperture-Priority, and S or Tv for Shutter Speed-
Priority exposure. The camera chooses both shutter
speed and aperture in P, making it good for quick
shots. In A, you choose an aperture for depth-of-field,
and the camera sets the shutter speed. In S, you
choose a shutter speed, and the camera sets the
appropriate aperture or f-stop.

If you didn't already know any of this, there you go... glad I could teach you a new lesson today! Take it or leave it... :)

This picture is positioned weird because I forgot my tripod at home and had to set my camera on the couch to get a group picture! :)

My younger brother Michael has a band concert tomorrow. He plays the trombone.. and he is one of the best out of... oh about 20 trombone players. I am very excited to go watch him play. I'll come back home tomorrow with pictures.


As some of you notice I did not do NOT ME MONDAY on Monday... today is Wednesday... yeah... I was extremely busy and LAZY on Monday. I will be sure to do one on next Monday!
For all those who have told me they enjoy reading them :)




Anonymous said...

Learning new things about cameras is fun! I still have my 35MM camera and all the lenses. I am thinking about selling them so I can buy new stuff for my Nikon hehe
I REALLY want a portable lamp and a background stand so I can take pictures of Jude at home without shadows. We'll see!

Tabitha Blue said...

Go girl!!! It's so much fun learning new things about my camera... when I first started reading about all that... well, let's just say that I'm still understanding it, but it's all coming to me!! LOL

Have fun at the concert!!



Briony said...

it's Chicago :) haha in the summertime.

i agree with Tab, it's fun learning about your camera and finally figuring out how to do something that you've seen someone else do. i need to start back up with mine...i took a lil break :)

AmyJean said...

There's a great book my wedding photog turned me onto to help me learn my new dslr... Understanding exposure... i started reading it and it is AMAZING! but i've yet to practice the little techniques as i was reading (on a plane). I can't wait to try them out though! such great tips! :)


antoinette marie said...

you, tab and bri...go girls with your photography...it rocks...but you seriously lost me in translation, lol! i'll stick with my little 8 pixel kodak, that i can't even work completely as it is or a good old fashioned disposible one....i love those!

Gerri said...

Ok, now you will have to explain to me what
Aperture-Priority, Shutter Speed-
Priority exposure, depth-of-field and f-stop mean! LOL. Glad to see that you are learning and having fun.

Pennies In My Pocket said...

I so need to learn how to use my SLR. I've had it for almost 2 years and still don't know what everything means on it...just haven't had time. A lot of my photos come out too red. I guess if I tried to learn something I'd be able to fix it. lol ;-)


Briony said...

haha thanks girly! i won't make you buy it though :)